About Canper

The patented Canper provides a new and better experience when drinking directly from a beverage can. Its sleek and comfortable design enables the consumer to drink from a can without direct mouth-to-can contact, which is neither pleasant nor hygienic and which could be deadly should a bee, wasp or other insect fall into the can. Canpers unique re-closable cap can be attached to the opened pull tab while drinking and can be used to close the can when not drinking. 


Hygienic drinking - No more direct mouth contact with aluminum can.

Closable cap - No more wasting a halfway consumed beverage; simply close the cap and save it for later. The cap prevents unwanted insects such as bees from entering your beverage.

No more cuts - Canpers sleek and comfortable design prevents cuts from the sharp edges of an opened beverage can.

Unique shape - Canper is designed to fit into the space between beverage cans packaged in groups.

Marketing tool - The Canper cap can be printed upon and is therefore a useful tool for branding, advertising and organizing various sales promotions.

Flexible material - Canper fits on most standard size cans.

Multiple colors - Easily distinguish your can from others.

Multiple uses - Canper can be re-used.

Dishwashersafe - Canper is made from material that is used in food industry and is dishwasher safe.

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